Ceiling Guard® – Ceiling Tile Water Leak Detectors

Water Alert® Ceiling Guard® water leak sensors are used to sense small amounts of water, or conductive liquid, leakage above 2’x4′ or 2’x2′ suspended acoustical ceiling tiles. These ceiling tile water leak detectors are made up of low profile (1/2″ ht.) “troughed” sensing trays which contain small water leak detectors. These trays are fastened to the top side of conventional drop-in ceiling tiles and interconnected to form zones of protection.

The zones, in turn, are terminated in a Water Alert® detector. The zoned water leak detection sensors are designed to provide indication of small amounts of leakage before the leakage accumulates to the point of leaking through, or along the edges of the tiles to the area below. Once installed the ceiling leak detection sensors provide a very high degree of protection against leakage from concealed piping and the roof or floors above a suspended ceiling.

Installation of the Ceiling Guard® water detection sensors is very simple, while individual panel removability and overall ceiling appearance is retained. Ceiling Guard® water leak sensors can be used with new or existing suspended ceilings. These water leak detectors are an extension of, and work in conjunction with, all of Dorlen’s Water Alert® water detectors. Water Alert leakage sensor systems have been installed in over 23,000 sites since 1975. Protect your assets with ceiling leak detection equipment today.

Ceiling Guard® Application Areas

Uses for the Ceiling Guard water leak detection system are endless, but primarily used in the following areas:

  • Data Centers
  • Computer Rooms
  • Hospital Diagnostic Departments
  • Electrical / Telecommunication Rooms
  • Archives
  • Art Galleries, Museums
  • Military / Aerospace Control Centers
  • Telephone Centrals
  • Record, Tape, Disc Storage Areas
  • Libraries
  • Utility
  • Communication Control Centers
  • Process Industry Control Centers

1500 sq. ft. computer room after Ceiling Guard installed

Ceiling Guard Specifications