Water Alert® Product Specifications

Browse by product line to find specifications for each model. For additional information about our product specifications, configuration, system design or layout, please feel free to contact us online or give us a call.

Standard Series and Vandal Resistant

Models included: SS, SS-1, SS-2, SS-4, SS-5, SS-2100, VR-4 and VR-2100

Standard Series & VR Specifications

Water Sensing Cable

Models included: SC-12, SC-24, SC-36

Sensor Cable Specifications

Ceiling Guard

Models included: CG-24, CG-22, CSS-2000, SS-2000, CGM-6(T), CGM-12(T), CGM-20(T), CGM-40(T)

Ceiling Guard Specifications

Series 2100 Monitor

Models included: WM-6(T), WM-12(T), WM-20(T), WM-40(T), SM-6(T), SM-12(T)

Series 2100 Monitor Specifications


Models included: Voltage Module, PS-W3, AD-6, PR-WM, RA-WM

Accessory Specifications