water leak detection equipment

Early Warning Water Leak Detection Equipment & Devices

illustration of Water Alert water leak detection system including sensors and alarms installed in a server room

Water Sensor Alarms
Installed in over 25,000 sites in the U.S.

Dorlen Products Inc. has supplied commercial and industrial companies with simple and reliable water leak detection equipment and water leak detection systems since 1975. Dorlen Manufactures 3 main product lines: Water Alert Standard Series, Water Alert Sensor Cable, and Water Alert Ceiling Guard. We also offer a vandal resistant water leak sensor designed for use in restrooms and laboratories. All of our surface leak detection products are low voltage and come with a 5 Year Warranty. From a single water leak detector to an advanced monitoring system, no application is too big or too small.

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commercial water leak detection system

Leak Detection Systems Prevent Downtime, Damage & Business Disruption

Water Leak Detection

Water Alert leak detection equipment is designed to maximize protection by having continuous monitoring 24/7. Our water line leak detection equipment is easy to install. Detect small leaks such as condensate water overflow, chiller water leaks, plumbing line cracks, heating/cooling piping leaks, outside seepage and more before damage and downtime occur! All our water detection devices are manufactured in the USA. Our water detection systems safeguard highly valuable assets and we take that responsibility seriously. Installed in over 25,000 sites across the nation, Water Alert’s water detection systems have proven to be the most rugged, simplest to install and longest lasting water detectors available today. Learn more about our water leak detection products.

Water Leak Alarm

The water detector alarm features vary by model. For example, the Model SS provides an audible alarm when activated and should be used in applications where only a local audible alarm is desired. The Model SS-1 provides local and remote water detector alarms when activated and is used in applications requiring a single detector and remote alarm which is perfect for noisy or unattended areas. The model SS-4 has no audible water detection alarm and provides isolated dry relay contacts (DPDT) which transfer and hold when activated. A water leak detection system offers protection and security. When a threat is detected you can be notified by an alarm allowing for precious time to take action quickly. Learn more about these water leak detectors by downloading our catalog.