Water Leak Alarms for Museums & Art Galleries

art gallery with water leak detectors

Museums and art galleries rely on robust security and fire alarm systems to detect break-ins or fires threatening the valuable objects within the building. A reliable water and flood alarm system is equally important to provide an early warning at the first sign of moisture – before a water leak ruins irreplaceable artwork and artifacts.

Effective water leak detection equipment, everywhere you need it

Dorlen Water Alert water leak sensor systems protect valuable property in museums and art galleries whether on display or in storage. Water leaks in back rooms, basements, and walls can easily go undetected until major damage has been done. Don’t wait for an undetected water leak to force your hand. Take the first step today and contact our water leak specialists to learn about high-quality, low-maintenance water alarm options for your museum or gallery.

Whether you need a simple, local water leak alert or a more sophisticated water alarm system able to control valves while alerting you remotely, Dorlen Products has you covered:

Passive water leak detector ideal for small galleries & museums

art museum water leak detection system

Our basic water leak detector is the Water Alert SS. It senses water from 0 to 1/8” above the surface and provides an audible alert when activated. Easy to set up, the Water Alert SS has three powering options and is a great solution for small spaces or a specific area prone to water leaks.

Passive water detector with local & remote alarm

One step up from our basic model, the Water Alert SS-1 has a single sensor that activates both local and remote alarms. This feature is ideal for monitoring spaces that can get crowded or noisy, as well as unattended areas.

Active water leak detection system gives more control

Model SS-2100 is a water sensor used to tie into our Series 2100 wall and shelf-mounted water alert monitors, which can power, monitor and test up to 40 water detection sensors. Model SS-4 and Model SS-5 water detectors can control valves, pumps, and other types of electrical equipment.

Specialized water leak detection equipment for extra protection

Our water leak sensor cable can detect water at just 1/16” above the surface with gold-plated sensors every 3 feet. Cables come in multiple lengths and can connect to any Water Alert detector. Place a water leak sensing cable on pipes in walls near display areas, or around the perimeter of an especially sensitive area.

We also offer Ceiling Guard water leak sensors which attach to the top of drop-in ceiling tiles. These sensors are interconnected to a Water Alert detector, creating a zone of protection. You’ll have an early warning of water leaks coming from a pipe, upper floor, or roof so you can react quickly and avoid flooding in your gallery or exhibit.

Our Vandal Resistant water detector is ideal for detecting leaks in public restrooms. It features a push-button “wash-down mode” so you won’t get false alarms when the floor is cleaned.

Reliable water leak detection for museums coast-to-coast

Dorlen Products has provided reliable water leak detection equipment and systems for commercial and industrial properties since 1975. Our products have been installed in more than 25,000 locations nationwide and are backed by a 5-year warranty.

For help in system design, layouts or quotations, please contact Dorlen’s technical dept. at 414-282-4840 or contact us online.