Data Center Water Leak Detectors

server room water leak detection system

Protect your computer room, server farm, or data center with Dorlen Water Alert water leak detection systems. Water Alert systems can protect every part of a server room, from the ceiling to the floor. Don’t let dripping water or unseen water puddles damage your computer systems.

Next to an electrical failure, water leaks are the second most common reason for computer room data loss. Commercial water leak detectors are very inexpensive when compared to the expense of data loss. Even if your computers are insured, what amount of money would you consider as compensation for the loss of your data? What price do you place on peace of mind?

Drop-Ceiling Water Leak Detectors

Our Ceiling Guard water leak sensors are used to detect even small amounts water above 2’ x 4′ or 2’ x 2′ suspended acoustical ceiling tiles. These water leak detecting sensor trays are low profile (1/2″ high) “troughed” trays which contain small water detectors. The trays are fastened to the top side of the conventional drop-in ceiling tiles.

The trays all interconnect to form zones of protection, and all zones connect to a standard Water Alert water leak detection device. This interconnected system will detect even small amounts of water leakage, before the water can leak through ceiling tiles or along the edges of the tiles to the area below, providing a high degree of protection from concealed piping anywhere above the suspended ceiling.

Installation of the Ceiling Guard water detection sensors is simple, and individual ceiling panel removability and overall ceiling appearance is retained. These sensors can be used with either new or existing suspended ceilings.

Water Alert water leak sensor systems have been installed in over 25,000 sites since 1975. Protect your data center or communications room with ceiling water leak detection equipment backed by our 5-year limited warranty.

sub floor leak detection in server room using water sensing cable

Raised Floor Leak Detection Sensing Cable

Get early warning of water on the server room floor or under raised-flooring panels from Water Alert sensor cables. Prevent the loss of critical data from water leaks that occur out of sight in a conductive fluid hiding space. A small water leak can be very hazardous and turn into a big problem affecting many people.

data center with water detector sub floor leak detection in data center using water detector

For large areas or perimeter monitoring, a water alert sensor cable system is your best defense against downtime due to water leaks or floods. These cables have water leak sensors every 3 feet with gold plated sensors, for maximum corrosion resistance. Protect everything in your data center from water leaks that happen underneath a server room raised floor, and give yourself peace of mind.

Combine these leak detection sensing cables with our Ceiling Guard® trays and monitor panels to give your data center or telecommunications room complete protection, including:

  • Data cable raceways/trays/troughs and storage
  • Cable chambers
  • Below access flooring
  • Telephone equipment rooms

Combined Ceiling & Sub-Floor Leak Detection for Server Rooms

Often there is a water leak threat from above the ceiling and from below the raised floor. Many facility managers use a combined system as in these examples:

Illustrations of server room water leak detector and monitor layouts including ceiling and floor water leak sensors

Ceiling Guard sensor trays and connected water detectors are installed overhead, and a sub-floor water detector (with or without sensor cable attachments) is installed below. All detectors are tied in to a single monitor (with or without auto-dialer).

Our technical department provides assistance with system design, layouts and quotations. Whether you’re ready to create a reliable overhead and/or underfloor leak detection system for your server room, or you just want to learn more about your options, we’re happy to help.

Warrantied Water Leak Detection for Computer & Telecom Rooms

Leaks are a major cause of data center downtime. Damage caused by water leaks can be prevented with proper planning and systems.

Dorlen Products manufactures extremely reliable water detection systems for data centers and server rooms. We’re happy to help with product selection and configuration to meet the needs of your specific application.

For help in system design, layouts or quotations, please contact Dorlen’s technical dept. at 414-282-4840 or contact us online.