Commercial Water Leak Detection Products

Water leaks can cause great damage to your property especially when it comes to electronics. Our water detection products protect your commercial or industrial property by detecting the presence of water before it contacts electronics or other valuables in the building.

When the water leak detection equipment senses a leakage, it will send an alert that a leak has been detected so that the problem can be addressed as quickly as possible. Learn about our water leak detection equipment below.

  • 6 different models of water leak detection products along with a complete line of Water Alert monitors, power supplies, auto-dialer and other optional accessories
  • Thoughtful design and construction for convenience and a long service life
  • Water detector alarms are used in a wide range of applications, from computer rooms to mechanical rooms…anywhere undetected leakage can occur.
  • Each Water Alert water sensor alarm is tested 3 times during manufacture, and comes with a 5 Year Limited Warranty.
  • Simple installation using instructions furnished with all our water monitoring systems, normally done by maintenance personnel. Typical spacing is one Water Alert water detection sensor for every 300-400 sq. ft.
  • Water Alert water detectors will NOT activate due to high humidity and are not affected if submerged in water for short periods.

Benefits of Using Water Detection Products

  • Reduces lost revenue
  • Lowers water system operational cost
  • Prevents contamination
  • Minimizes lost time managing insurance claims
  • Extends life of facility
  • Prevents property damage
  • Prevents water system liability and increased insurance premiums
  • Prevents or reduces outage events

Water Leak Detection Device Construction

top-down diagram of standard series water leak detector with sensors and other components labeled in detail

Features and advantages of our exclusive Water Alert® design:

  • Compact design with 5.75” diameter and just 1/25” high, approx 1lb shipping weight
  • ⅛” thick high-impact polystyrene dome-shaped housing for strength and ruggedness
  • 9V DC operating voltage for a safe and simple installation (no conduit required)
  • Epoxy encapsulated sensing/control circuit avoids problems caused by dirt, fungus or humidity affecting circuit operation or increase of battery drain with time. Circuitry is impervious to water immersion.
  • SS-2100 has 85 decibel alarm, all other models have 100 decibels (at three feet)
  • Piezoelectric buzzer protected against short term immersion. Buzzer replaceable if damaged by long-term immersion.
  • Nickel-gold plated adjustable sensing probes are corrosion resistant. A nylon pellet ensures positive connection from the probes to the sensing circuit. (Adjustable from 1/64” to ⅛”)

side view of water leak detector with measurements of water sensing probes

  • When water forms a bridge between the two sensors the alert is activated
  • The adjustable gold-plated sensing probes are located on the underside of the water detector

Standard Series Water Leak Detection Products & Options

  • Model SSStandard Water Alert detector provides audible alarm when activated. Used in applications where only a local audible alarm is desired.
  • Model SS-1Water Alert detector provides local and remote alarms when activated. Used in applications requiring a single detector and remote alarm. Often used in noisy or unattended areas.
  • Model SS-2Water Alert detector provides audible alarm when activated. Used in applications where only a local audible alarm is desired and an extended alarm duration is required. (Battery operation- 10 day)
  • Model SS-4Water Alert detector – No audible alarm…Provides isolated dry relay contacts (DPDT) which transfer and hold when activated. Self-resets. Used in applications where tie-in to an existing alarm panel is desired (Building Management System, etc.) and no audible alarm is necessary. Also ideal for extremely harsh environments and can control valves, pumps, and other electrical equipment.
  • Model SS-5Water Alert detector provides audible alarm and isolated dry relay contacts (DPDT) which transfer and hold when activated. Self-resets. Used in applications where tie-in to an existing alarm panel is desired (Building Management System, etc.). Can also be used to control valves, pumps, and other electrical equipment.
  • Model SS-2100Water Alert detector used to tie-into all Dorlen’ Series 2100 Monitors. Used in applications where a Dorlen Series 2100 Monitor / Power Supply is desired.

Standard Series Product Specifications

Water Leak Sensor Cable

The Water Alert® Water Leak Sensor Cable is one of the latest addition to Dorlen Products’ line of early warning water leak detection equipment. By using a cable, along with a standard water leak detection sensor, the user can purchase a system specific to their needs, from a simple local audible water leak sensor alarm to a large water leak detection system.

Also be sure to check out our new Vandal Resistant Water Sensor.

Ceiling Guard®

Water Alert® Ceiling Guard® water leak sensors are installed on the upper side of conventional drop-in ceiling tiles to detect leaks above a drop ceiling.

Water Detection Sensor Applications

Monitoring for water leaks with moisture detection sensors is essential to data centers, hospital records rooms, art galleries and other rooms or spaces storing expensive valuables, irreplaceable property or equipment considered mission critical to an operation.

water leak detectors shown in situ in a boiler room and in a server room below the flooring
From the boiler room to the computer room, Water Alert® will provide early warning of water leakage!
water leakage detector wall monitor panel and power supply
Water Alert Monitor/Power Supplies.

Learn more about water leak detection for commercial buildings.

Water Alert Specifications

Get the Best Water Leak Detection System

Dorlen Products has provided reliable water leak detection products and systems for commercial properties since 1975. Our products have been installed in more than 25,000 locations nationwide.

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