Water Leak Detection Systems for Airports

water leak detection system in airport

Early detection of water leaks in private, municipal or commercial airports is an essential part of maintaining employee and traveler safety. Preventing hazardous conditions caused by water leaks also reduces the risk that airport owners, lessees and tenants are found liable for injury claims or damage. Modern airports are complex facilities facing a variety of predictable and unpredictable demands. Protection against undetected water leaks promotes smooth operations so important resources can remain focused on security, efficiency and other priorities.

Water Alert leak detection equipment is easy to install and provides continuous monitoring 24/7. Water Alert leak sensors are convenient, durable, warrantied, and ideal for use in airports of all sizes.

Water Alert Models Recommended for Airports

Water Alert Model SS-4 has no audible alarm and ties into an existing alarm panel or BMS (building management system). Isolated dry relay contacts transfer and hold when activated, and self-reset. This model is available with three powering options and can also accept and monitor one or two lengths of water sensor cable.

Water Alert Leak Detection Cable can detect the presence of water from zero to ⅛” height and comes in standard lengths of 12, 24 & 36 feet. Our liquid leak detector cable is used for large areas or perimeter monitoring. Unlike coaxial or helical leak detection cables, the Water Alert sensor cable won’t absorb, track or wick moisture.

Water Alert Vandal Resistant (VR) Series leak sensors are designed for use in restrooms and other areas that require frequent cleaning, with a “Wash-Down Mode” feature that prevents activation. Model VR-4 and VR-2100 have no audible alarm, tie into existing alarm panels or BMS, and provide isolated dry relay contacts which transfer and hold when activated (also self-reset).

Water Alert Ceiling Guard water leak sensors install easily above suspended ceiling tiles to detect small amounts of water from piping, roofing and upper floors. Individual leak sensing trays are interconnected to form zones of protection, alerting you to the presence of water before it leaks through or along the edge of tiles into the area below. Perfect for drop-in ceiling tiles in airport terminals lounges, restaurants and employee break rooms.

Why Water Alert?

Businesses nationwide rely on Water Alert to protect their assets, and we take that responsibility seriously. Advantages of Water Alert include:

  • Each sensor is tested 3 times during manufacture
  • All products are backed by a 5-year limited warranty
  • Simple installation normally done by maintenance personnel (instructions included)
  • Compact design, approximately 1lb ship weight
  • 9V DC operating voltage (no circuit required)
  • Circuitry is impervious to water immersion, dirt, fungus or humidity

We also offer a complete line of monitors and accessories so you can customize your leak detection system.

water leak sensors for airports

Sources of Water Leaks in Airports

Airport terminals have many opportunities for water leaks to occur, including:

  • Restrooms
  • Bars & restaurants
  • First-class lounges
  • Pump/HVAC rooms
  • Chillers/Air handlers
  • Fire suppression systems
  • Elevator pits
  • Drinking fountains

Dorlen Products also manufactures Oil Alert early warning oil leak detection equipment which can be used to detect oil leaks around generator equipment and hydraulic systems.

A small sampling of Water Alert users includes aviation industry companies such as:

  • American Airlines Flight Academy
  • Boeing
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Los Angeles Dept. of Airports

Water Alert sensor alarms have been installed in over 25,000 sites across the U.S.

Product & System Support

Dorlen Products has provided simple, reliable water leak detection equipment for commercial and industrial properties since 1975. We’re committed to helping our customers detect leaks as soon as they happen, to prevent lost revenue and property damage.

For help in system design, layouts or quotations, please contact Dorlen’s technical dept. at 414-282-4840 or contact us online.