Water Leak Detection in Hotels & Casinos

water leak detection systems for hotels and casinos

Even a small water leak in a hotel or casino can lead to major damage and lost revenue unless it’s resolved quickly. The scale and sophistication of water systems in hospitality establishments means a problem in one area can easily lead to widespread issues. Taking preventive action by installing a water leak detection system can protect your property as well as your reputation.

Water Alert liquid leak sensors and alarms detect the first sign of leakage and provide the early notification you need to take action.

Water Alert Leak Detectors

Water Alert products are designed to be simple yet versatile, with durable construction providing a long service life. Units have multiple alarm options and can be used for single or multi-zone monitoring.

Model SS: Local, audible alarm only

Model SS-1: Local and remote alarms

Model SS-2: Local, audible alarm with extended duration

Model SS-4: No audible alarm. Isolated dry relay contacts transfer and hold when activated. Ties into Building Management System. Can control pumps, valves, and other electrical equipment.

Model SS-5: Local, audible alarm AND isolated dry relay contacts that transfer and hold when activated. Ties into Building Management System. Can control pumps, valves, and other electrical equipment.

Model SS-2100: Water Alert detector used to tie into all Dorlen’ Series 2100 Monitors. Used when a monitor/power supply is needed.

Our Sensor Cable expands the capability of Water Alert units. Connect up to 72 feet of Sensor Cable per Water Alert detector to create perimeter monitoring. Ideal for sub-flooring and other difficult access areas.

Ceiling Guard senses a small amount of water above suspended ceiling tiles and can form a zone of protection against leaks from piping, roofing, or upper floors.

Additional accessories and options are available, including remote indoor/outdoor alarms, programmable auto-dialers, power relays, voltage modules, and electrically actuated valves. See catalog for details.

Benefits of Water Alert for Hospitality Businesses

Reliable performance

All Water Alert products are tested 3 times during manufacture and are backed by a 5-year limited warranty. Water Alert will NOT activate from high humidity and will not be affected even if submerged in water for short periods.

Easy to install

Installation is normally performed by building maintenance personnel. All products ship with complete instructions and hardware.


Get as much or as little leak detection coverage as you need, from a single sensor with an alarm to several multi-zone leak detection systems integrated with your building management system. We’re happy to help with product selection, layout, and configuration.

Risk mitigation

Hotels and casinos with leak detection systems are more likely to have favorable results from a risk assessment performed by an insurance company.

Even a small water leak can quickly add up to a hefty water bill, not to mention the possibility of flooding and repair costs. With Water Alert in place building managers enjoy peace of mind knowing the right people will be notified at the first sign of a leak.

water leak detection in hotels

Common Leakage Sources on Hotel Properties

Hotels and casinos are full of opportunities for water leaks to show up uninvited and throw a wrench in things. Use Water Alert in areas most vulnerable to a leak, including:

Water Alert detects liquid leakage including water and solutions of water like ethylene glycol (frequently used in server room AC systems).
Don’t let a water leak ruin a guest’s stay or distract your staff from providing the best service. Water Alert provides the warning you need to manage the situation before it causes a disruption.

water leak detection in casinos

Water Leaks Aren’t Worth the Gamble

When it comes to protecting your business and guests, don’t leave your leak detection system to chance. Dorlen Products has provided reliable water leak detection products and systems for commercial properties since 1975. Our products have been installed in more than 25,000 locations nationwide, including Harrah’s Hotels & Casinos.

Water Alert is a proven protection you can rely on. Contact us for a high-performing, low-maintenance leak detection system for your hospitality business. No application is too big or too small!

For help in system design, layouts or quotations, please contact Dorlen’s technical dept. at 414-282-4840 or contact us online.