Water Leak Detection for Elevator Pits

Elevator pit with water leak detectors

Do you know if there is water at the bottom of your elevator pit?

Elevator pit water leaks in are fairly common in commercial and industrial buildings. Even a foot or two of water can lead to major problems.

Was the elevator pit waterproofing correctly installed during construction?

Even properly installed waterproofing can fail due to cracks in the walls. Water usually enters an elevator pit through these weak points or failed joints.

Is your elevator pit at or below the level of the water table?

The level of the water table rises and falls with the seasons, commonly rising with wet weather in the spring. The rising and falling water table level can lead to cracks in your walls, and those cracks can lead to water leaks. Construction nearby the walls of an elevator pit can also alter the water table.

Elevator Pit Water Leak Detectors

Prevent costly elevator repair and legal liability from water leaks that occur out of sight at the bottom of an elevator pit. Install Water Alert sensor cables and leak detection equipment and get early warning of leaks. A small water leak can be very hazardous, and turn into a big problem affecting many people.

Steps to Elevator Pit Water Leak Protection

  • Step 1) Be sure your elevator pit is properly waterproofed and is completely dry.
  • Step 2) Contact us so we can assist with product selection and configuration to fit your specific needs. We will help you find the best water detection sensors for your particular needs.
  • Step 3) Install Water Alert elevator pit water sensors and prevent costly building damage, as well as safety and liability issues.

For elevator pit oil leak detection, visit Oil Alert.

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