Water Leak Detection Systems Protecting Rare Books & Documents

water leak detection system installed in library

Many cultural institutions, business or government offices, and public or university libraries house collections of books. Rare and historic books are usually highly valuable, not just in monetary terms, but also for their cultural content or significance. Business and government-related documents can have legal or contractual importance. Many of these collections will experience a water catastrophe, large or small, at some point. Protecting archives of documents and books from ceiling leaks (and other sources of water damage) is an important consideration when setting up a suitable storage area.

Detect Water Leaks in Libraries, wherever they’re Located

Ceiling water leak detection is important, whether a storage area is below ground or in more elevated locations, as it may result from sources other than roof leaks. These leaks can result equally from rapid temperature changes that cause condensation on pipes, plumbing system leaks, or condensation from air conditioning systems.

Ceiling leak detectors are an ideal solution for these kinds of archival or historic book storage area conditions. Water Alert Ceiling Guard systems have low profile sensors each incorporating a small water collection trough. These troughs have moisture sensors able to detect even small levels of water.

Detecting water leaks in restrooms is also an important consideration for libraries open to the public. Our Vandal Resistant water sensor provides reliable monitoring without false activations, thanks to the “wash down” mode option which facilitates cleaning.

How Ceiling Guard Water Leak Detectors Work

Designed to be added in sets of three to the top side of 2 X 4 feet ceiling tiles, and in sets of two to 2 X 2 feet ceiling tiles, individual sets can be networked to CSS-200 Zone Detectors capable of managing up to a 320 sq, foot area. These zone managers can in turn be networked to a CGM monitor that can be configured to manage from 6 to 40 separate zones.

Our ceiling water leak detection system is unique in its conception and functionality. It has been installed in numerous libraries, historical societies, business libraries, and private collection storage areas and has a record of reliability that is unmatched by other available methods.

A small sampling of Water Alert users:

  • Indiana State Archives
  • Maine State Archives
  • Ohio College Library
  • University of Michigan
  • University of Wisconsin
  • US Library of Congress

A small sampling of Ceiling Guard users:

  • Pace University
  • University of Miami
  • University of Minnesota

Over 25,000 sites in the U.S.A. have Water Alert systems installed.

rare books protected by water leak detectors

Improving Rare Book Storage Conditions is Easy with Water Alert

Ceiling water leak detector systems can be easily installed by local electrical contractors. Water Alert Ceiling Guard leak detectors are entirely manufactured in the US and carry a full 5-year warranty.

These products are specially designed to protect archival storage areas, rare book collection libraries, historic book storage areas, and manuscript storage rooms.

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