Water Leak Detection for Healthcare Facilities

water leak detection system for hospitals

Undetected water leaks in healthcare facilities such as hospitals, clinics, and medical office buildings can cause significant harm. Not only can the building itself suffer water damage, but expensive medical equipment is also at risk. Extra costs add up quickly from building repairs, equipment replacement, and mold remediation, not to mention the increased property insurance.

Active, undetected water leaks also pose a threat to patient and staff safety if water collects on the floor. If the medical center needs to be temporarily closed, patient care can be compromised or temporarily inaccessible.

Water Alert leak detection systems help healthcare providers avoid unscheduled downtime and unplanned expenses by alerting them at the first sign of a leak. All Water Alert products are backed by a 5-year warranty and made in the USA.

Why Medical Facilities are Especially Vulnerable to Water Leaks

Medical facilities have more water-fed equipment compared to other types of buildings. Places like dental clinics, outpatient surgery centers, dialysis centers, or medical labs have more sinks and other water fixtures, which means more plumbing and more opportunities for leaks to occur.

medical center with MRI scanner protected by water leak detection equipment

Sources of water leaks in a hospital can include:

Not only do medical facilities have a higher risk of water damage due to more water-fed devices, but they also often have specialized electronic equipment and paper medical records. A water leak in a hospital’s data center, records room, or equipment storage space can quickly lead to property damage as well as significant disruption to operations.

water leak sensors installed in a clinic

Reliable Water Leak Monitoring for Clinics & Medical Offices

Water Alert products include liquid sensors designed for use above ceiling tiles, in sub-floor spaces, and below grated flooring, as well as spot sensors. Our leak sensors are very durable yet sensitive enough to detect a very thin film of liquid without false activation.

Ceiling Guard

Water leak sensors for use above dropped ceilings are fastened to the upper side of conventional drop-in ceiling tiles. When interconnected they form zones of protection against leakage from concealed piping, the roof, or floors above.

Water Sensing Cable

Multi-conductor wire with liquid sensors embedded every 3 feet act as extensions of the sensing probes in a Water Alert detector. Create perimeter monitoring around a piece of equipment or large areas.

Vandal Resistant Series

VR Series water detectors are designed to be used in public restrooms as well as areas that require frequent cleaning such as laboratories. Programmable wash-down mode allows for cleaning without alarm activation.

water leak detectors installed in a dialysis center

Standard Series Water Alert Detectors

Standard series water detectors include 6 different models of water sensors with optional accessories. Choose from features like local and/or remote audible alarms, extended alarm duration, building management system tie-in (without audible alarm), and control of pumps & valves.

Not sure where to start? We’re happy to help you select the best products and configurations for your building. Contact us with your questions today.

Why Water Alert?

water leak detection system for dental offices

We realize you have choices when it comes to commercial leak detection for your hospital or clinic. Water Alert products are designed to safeguard valuable assets and have been installed in more than 25,000 commercial properties across the nation.

Water Alert’s advantages include:

  • Easy installation:

Typically handled by maintenance staff. Simple installation instructions and a user manual are included with every system.

  • Low maintenance:

Our sensors and monitors work reliably with minimal upkeep. If battery power is used, batteries should be replaced once per year.

  • Proven performance:

Water Alert sensor alarms are tested 3 times during manufacture and are backed by a 5-year warranty. Detectors will not activate from high humidity or if briefly submerged in water.

Dorlen Products has provided reliable water leak detection equipment and systems since 1975. We’re dedicated to providing high-performing systems that detect leaks as soon as they happen, preventing lost revenue and protecting your medical facility from damage.

A small sampling of Water Alert users in the healthcare industry:

  • Brookdale Hospital Medical Center
  • New Hampshire-Vermont Hospitalization Service
  • Pennsylvania Hospital

A small sampling of Ceiling Guard users in the healthcare industry:

  • Ball Memorial Hospital
  • Becton Dickinson
  • Borgess Medical Center
  • Campbell County Hospital
  • Central Blood Bank of Pittsburgh
  • Datascope Corporation
  • Goshen Hospital
  • Medical Action Industries
  • Medtronic
  • NYC Health
  • Phelps County Regional Medical Center
  • St. Joseph’s Hospital, Atlanta

For help in system design, layouts or quotations, please contact Dorlen’s technical dept. at 414-282-4840 or contact us online.