Water Leak Detector for Unattended Areas

Unattended archive room with water leak detectors

Protect vulnerable unattended areas or difficult access locations with Dorlen Water Alert water leak sensor systems. Water Alert systems can protect every aspect of your operation, with local alarms for high-traffic areas, and remote alarms for the unattended storage area in the back where no one goes. Don’t let dripping-water or unseen water puddles damage your property. Get alerted to their presence before they cause unexpected expenses.

Often it’s easy to find a water leak. A burst pipe is obvious. However, a water leak in an unattended area can easily go unnoticed. If left unnoticed a leak can lead to a big unexpected repair bill. Protect your commercial property with a Water Alert water leak detection system so you can avoid unexpected leaks.

Water Leak Detector for Difficult Access Locations

Water leak detectors are also highly recommended for difficult access locations. Some of our water leak sensors, such as the SS-4, can be used to send an alert to a remote panel or building management system. In addition our systems can be configured to turn off a valve, or other electronic device, to prevent water damage immediately.

Water Alert SS-1 & Water Alert SS-4

Our Model SS-1 and Model SS-4 water leak detectors are both excellent choices for low-traffic areas. Choosing between them depends on your specific needs.

  • Model SS-1 provides local and remote alarms. This water sensor alarm is used for applications requiring a single detector and remote alarm. It is often used in noisy or unattended areas.
  • Model SS-4 is used in situations where a local water leak detector is needed, but a local audible alarm is not. This water sensor alarm is used when tie-in to an existing alarm panel or Building Management System is desired and no audible alarm is necessary. It is also ideal for extremely harsh environments and can control valves, pumps, and other electrical equipment.

Both detectors are designed to tie-in to an existing panel, and have self-resetting dry relay contacts transfer and hold when activated. They offer three power options: two 9V batteries, voltage module, or a PSW-3 power supply.

Be sure to catch water leaks in an unattended or low-traffic area early with a Water Alert water leak detector.

Remote unattended area with water leak detection system

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