Chilled Water Leak Detection Systems

chilled water leak detection system

Chillers are a critical HVAC component for a wide range of commercial buildings such as industrial manufacturing facilities, sports venues, office buildings, hotelshospitals, and many others.

Water chillers (aka industrial chillers) lower the temperature of water which acts as a heat exchanger for process cooling, or to cool and dehumidify indoor air. Water chillers are typically located in low-traffic or unattended building areas such as a commercial HVAC room, chiller room, or plant room.

Water chiller water leaks can arise for many reasons, including:

  • Equipment failure or damage (such as corrosion)
  • Faulty shaft seals on pumps
  • Loose or broken fastenings
  • Condenser perforation
  • Cracked condensate tray
  • Poor drainage/overflow
  • Long-term imbalance (if the equipment isn’t on a completely horizontal surface)

Failure to promptly address water leakage can result in expensive remediation, equipment and property damage, reduced productivity, and hazardous conditions for personnel.

Installing a chilled water leak detection system helps businesses avoid unwanted outcomes and protect their bottom line. Water Alert commercial water sensors and monitoring systems detect the presence of water before severe damage has occurred.

Water Alert Sensors & Monitors for Cold Water Leak Detection

Water Alert leak detectors monitor continuously for the presence of water, can give a local/remote alarm when activated, and some models also tie into a building management system.

Water Alert Standard Series products include:

  • Model SS: Local audible alarm
  • Model SS-1: Local and remote alarm
  • Model SS-2: Local audible alarm with extended alarm duration
  • Model SS-4: No audible alarm. Ties into existing alarm panel (BMS).
  • Model SS-5: Audible alarm & isolated dry relay contacts transfer and hold. Ties into BMS.
  • Model SS-2100: Local and remote alarm. Ties into all Series 2100 Monitors.

We also offer a Water Leak Sensor Cable which is used with a Standard Series leak detector. Our water detection cable comes with adhesive clips so you can create secure perimeter monitoring.

Benefits of Water Alert Detection Systems

Easy to install. Installation and operation manuals are included with each unit. Typically done by building maintenance personnel.

Warrantied reliability. All units are tested 3 times during manufacturing and backed by a 5-year limited warranty. Made in the USA.

Rugged & low maintenance. Water Alert will not activate from high humidity conditions. Product remains unaffected even if submerged in water for short periods.

Chiller Leak Detection Positioning

Water detection equipment should be placed near sources of potential chilled water leaks, for example:

  • Water inlet/outlet pipes
  • Water tank
  • Chilled water pump
  • Cooling water pump
  • Condenser
  • Valves at each connection
  • Drainage pipe/hole

Water leaks aren’t the only source of potential water damage – dripping water can also be an issue if the condensate board is inadequately insulated.

Reliable Water Leak Detection for Chillers Coast to Coast

Dorlen Products has provided reliable water leak detection equipment and systems for commercial and industrial properties since 1975. Our products have been installed in more than 25,000 locations nationwide.

We’re happy to assist with product selection and configuration to meet your specific needs.

For help in system design, layouts or quotations, please contact Dorlen’s technical dept. at 414-282-4840 or contact us online.