Water Alert® Sensor Cable

Water Leak Sensor Cable: Operation and Construction

The water detection cable is activated by liquid* bridging the adjustable sensors. The cable can detect water film from zero height, (water sensors turned out to make contact with the floor), to 1/8″ height, (sensors turned all the way in).

*Liquid leakage including solutions of water and ethylene glycol (used in many computer room air conditioning systems).

This Unique Accessory Expands the Capability of Water Alert
For large areas or perimeter monitoring, a water alert sensor cable system is your best defense against downtime due to water leaks and floods! Extended-range performance is possible for some environments with this cable as part of your water leak detection equipment.

Water Leak Sensing Cable

The water leak sensor cable is a multi-conductor wire with embedded gold plated sensors every 3 feet. These water detection sensors act as extensions of the sensing probes contained within the detector. Should any of the sensors come in contact with liquid moisture the Water Alert will activate. Only 1/16″ of water is necessary for detection. The sensor cable comes in three standard lengths 12, 24 and 36 feet. One or two sensor cables can be connected to any Water Alert. These connections are made with a non-gender, locking connector for a fast and durable installation. If desired, the cable may be kept in place along the floor with adhesive clips (included). Figure 1 above shows the construction of the water leak sensing cable.

A Water Alert sensor cable does not absorb, trap or wick moisture into the cable for detection unlike coaxial or helical type detection cables. This leads to excessive dry out periods, contamination by dissolved particles and mold and mildew forming, requiring the cable to be uninstalled and cleaned or replaced. This is why a Water Alert detection cable has the lowest maintenance and longest warranty available for water leak detection equipment.

Water Sensor Specifications

All of our water leak detection equipment is designed specifically to work for a particular setup and purpose. Reviewing the specifications will help in selecting the right product. For example, the SC-12 Water Alert Sensor Cable is ultra flexible and contains an end of the line test push button. Review the specifications of our water sensor cable.

Water Sensor Cable Specifications