Water Leak Detection Advice for Commercial Properties

Water leaks can cause great damage to commercial and industrial properties, especially when it comes to electronics. You need reliable water leak detection so that the leak can be addressed as quickly as possible. Here’s our simple water leak detection advice for protecting commercial properties.

Determine Your Water Leak Detection Needs

Your first step towards protection from water leaks should be to determine just how much protection you need.

Do you need a simple, passive water leak detector?
Our basic detector, Water Alert® SS, provides an audible alarm when activated. These water leak detectors are used in simple applications where a local, audible alert is the only need. Simply place this detector in the area of the potential leak. The gold-plated, adjustable sensing probes can detect water from 0 to 1/8” above the surface.

Or do you need a more complex, active water leak detection system?
Series 2100 Wall-Mounted Monitors as well as SS-2100, SS-4 and SS-5 water detection sensors are designed for active water leak detection scenarios. Our water leak detection monitor panels can be set up to power and monitor up to 40 individual detectors. These devices can also be used to control valves, pumps, and other electrical equipment so they can shut off a water leak while alerting you about the problem.

Is your need somewhere in the middle?
Our Water Alert® SS-1 detector provides both local and remote alarms when activated. This water leak sensor is used in applications requiring a single detector and remote alarm. The SS-1 is often used in noisy or unattended areas.

Would specialized water leak detectors be useful?
We also offer a Water Detection Cable with embedded gold plated sensors every 3 feet. Only 1/16″ of water is necessary for detection. The sensor cable comes in three standard lengths 12, 24 and 36 feet. One or two sensor cables can be connected to any Water Alert® detector.

If you need detection for water leaks above ceiling tiles we also offer Ceiling Guard® water leak sensors which are used to sense small amounts of water, or conductive liquid, leakage above 2’x4′ or 2’x2′ suspended acoustical ceiling tiles. These ceiling tile water leak detectors are made up of low-profile sensing trays which contain small water leak detectors. These trays are fastened to the top side of conventional drop-in ceiling tiles and interconnected to form zones of protection.

Select Reliable Water Leak Detection Equipment

Next, you need to be sure the water leak detection equipment you select is reliable.

We have provided commercial and industrial companies with our simple, reliable water leak detection equipment and systems since 1975. Water Alert® products are installed at over 23,000 locations in the United States. All of our surface water leak detection devices come with a 5 year warranty.

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