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Early Warning Water Leak Detection Equipment and Devices

Water Alert® - Water Leak Detection Services

A water detection sensor will send a water alert that a leak has been detected so that the problem can be addressed as quickly as possible. Learn about our water detector sensors below.

  • 6 Models of water monitoring systems with optional accessories to meet your specific requirements.
  • Water detector alarms are used in a wide range of applications, from computer rooms to mechanical rooms...anywhere undetected leakage can occur.
  • Each Water Alert water sensor alarm is tested 3 times during manufacture, and comes with a 5 Year Limited Warranty.
  • Simple installation using instructions furnished with all our water monitoring systems, normally done by maintenance personnel. Typical spacing is one Water Alert water detection sensor for every 300-400 sq. ft.
  • Water Alert water detectors will NOT activate due to high humidity and is not affected if submerged in water for short periods.

Water Alert Water Detection Alarm
Principle of Operation and Construction

Water Alert® is activated by liquid* bridging the adjustable sensors (A & A). The unit can detect water film from zero height, (water alarm sensors turned out to make contact with the floor), to 1/8" height, (sensors turned all the way in).

*Liquid leakage including solutions of water and ethylene glycol (used in many computer room air conditioning systems).

Water Monitoring Systems

Monitoring for water leaks with moisture detection sensors is essential to data centers, hospital records rooms, art galleries and other rooms or spaces storing expensive valuables, irreplaceable property or equipment considered mission critical to an operation. Also be sure to check out our new vandal resistant Water Sensor Alarm.

Benefits of Water Monitoring Detection, leak repair and minimizing leakage in water systems.

  • Prevent lost revenue.
  • Lower water system operational cost.
  • Prevent contamination.
  • Lost time managing insurance claims.
  • Extend life of facility.
  • Prevent property damage.
  • Prevent water system liability and increased insurance premiums.
  • Prevent or reduce outage events.
  • Improved public relations.


water alert

Water Alert® - Application Areas

water alert water detection alarm

  • Computer Room Leak Detection.
  • Data Cable Raceways Leak Detection
  • Below Access Flooring Leak Detection
    • Computer rooms
    • Data Centers Leak Detection
  • Water sensor alarm
  • Below Grated Flooring
    • Semiconductor manufacturing
  • Data cable raceways/Trays/Troughs, and Storage
  • High voltage vaults
  • Pump, Sump, and Treatment Areas
  • Difficult Access
  • Unattended Areas
  • Telephone Equipment Rooms Leak Detection
  • UPS and Generator Rooms
  • Inventory / Merchandise Storage Leak Detection
  • Electrical Cabinets
  • Power Conversion Enclosures
  • Elevator Pits Leak Detection
  • Wiring Closets
  • Record, Valuable Material
  • Storage Areas
  • Electrical / Mechanical Rooms
  • Off Site Utility Structures
    • Microwave,
    • Repeater stations
    • TV sites
  • Switch Huts
  • Cable Chambers
  • Boiler / Furnace Rooms Leak Detection
  • Injection Molding Machines
  • Welding Machines Leak Detection

Water Alert Specifications

Water Alert sensors are Leak Liquid Sensors

Leak Detection Services

Dorlen liquid leak detection services are available to assist in the product selection and configuration to fit your specific needs. Contact us and we'll help you find the right water detection sensors and moisture sensor alarms for your company.

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