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Model SS Overview

  • Used in applications requiring a local audible alarm only
  • Audible alarm when water detection is activated
  • Powering options include: 9V alkaline battery, PSW-3 power supply or voltage module
  • 100 decibel alarm from 3ft.
  • Power draw: 25ma @ 9vdc (activated)

water alert model ss

Model SS Description

Designed to detect a leak, Model SS is our standard Water Alert detector that provides an audible alarm when activated.  Model SS is used in applications where only a local audible alarm is desired. Depending on your preference, the SS has three powering options – including (1) 9v alkaline battery, PSW-3 power supply and a voltage module.

Its audible alarm projects sound at 100 decibels from 3 feet away (similar to standing next to a power lawn mower). Power draw is 25ma @ 9vdc (activated).

Model SS Specifications

  • Gold-plated, adjustable sensing probes to detect water from 0 to 1/8 inch above surface
  • Electronic circuitry encapsulated in epoxy to protect from dirt, fungus and short-term immersion in water
  • Minimum 3-day alarm duration when battery powered
  • Installation, operation manuals and warranty included with Unit
  • Can accept and monitor 1 or 2 lengths of water leak sensor cable
  • 5-year warranty minimum

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Product Support

Dorlen Products Inc. is dedicated to providing the Water Alert systems needed to detect leaks as soon as they happen, preventing lost revenue and protecting your facility from significant damage. For pricing information, take a look at our online pricelist. To browse additional products, view our Water Alert catalog. For additional information, please contact us today!