Commercial Restroom Water Leak Detectors

An undetected leaky sink pipe, leaky faucet, drain clog or toilet overflow can easily result in an unprofessional impression of your business and cause significant damage over time if left unnoticed. Combine a broken faucet with a plugged drain and you could have significant water damage or even a liability insurance claim if people slip on a puddle on the floor.

Our Water Alert® Vandal Resistant water leak detectors are designed to be used as commercial restroom water leak detectors. These water leak detecting spot sensors are specifically designed to detect water on horizontal surfaces, like the tiled floor of a public restroom or commercial building bathroom.

Water Leak Detector with “Wash Down” Mode

These units also feature a “wash down” mode designed to allow the restroom to be cleaned without false alerts. Activated by an external piezo switch, the wash down mode duration can easily be adjusted to last anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours using an internal user-adjustable timer. Once wash down mode times out the Water Alert® system will return to normal operation and resume sensing liquid.

Vandal Resistant Water Leak Detector

Designed as public or employee restroom water leak detectors, these vandal resistant units are enclosed within a protective, corrosion-resistant heavy-duty aluminum casing. This tamper proof casing will protect against damage to the water leak sensors while they protect your property from water damage. Additionally, all units are tested 3 times during manufacture, and come with a 5 year limited warranty.

Small restroom leaks are simple to fix, so catch them early with a Water Alert® Vandal Resistant water leak detection system. Download a Water Alert® catalog, view our pricelist online, or give us a call today!